Fragrance Bros.

Fun Fragance Reviews

In 2011, Dave Johnson observed a horror faced by many modern men: he ran out of cologne. Finding a new personal fragrance sucks. And trying to get quality suggestions for personal fragrances sucks even harder. On a whim, Dave decided to check YouTube for any reviews. To his surprise, there were several reviewers giving great suggestions. But he noticed that most were just individuals talking into the camera without any second opinion. Then it dawned on him to create his own fragrance reviewing channel that invited guest hosts to discuss, debate, and give their honest thoughts on fragrances. Fragrance Bros. was born. The hallmark of Fragrance Bros. is finding ways to give thoughtful honest reviews, while remaining entertaining and accessible to the common man or woman. Now, with thousands of subscribers, millions of views, and hundreds of fragrances reviewed, Dave has found a robust audience who love his opinions. And he loves every second of it.